The Firm

Cifras Legal was created in order to assist its clients in their business growth and thus be able to provide them with a comprehensive service for their company, thanks to the specialization of the professionals who make up the firm. This objective is possible our values are in line with the objectives of the most demanding companies.

At Cifras Legal we know the importance of time in bussiness affairs, which is why we offer an innovative service, in which transparency and agility in procedures allow you to have real-time knowledge of the state of your affairs.

Cifras Legal is firmly committed to digitizing the way of interacting with its clients as well as the way of managing daily affairs, thus providing a work system that allows you to remotely carry out any procedure from your smartphone, maximizing your time.

Our commitment,
your guarantee of success


The specialization of the team allows us to offer the best service


The new generations together with the most experienced form the perfect combination


We accompany you at all times so that you feel protected


We rely on relationships of mutual trust to achieve your goals

Social Work

Cifras Legal collaborates in a project aimed at young people who are still in their training period, providing them with knowledge from an economic and social point of view so that they know how to manage their economic resources in a more conscious way.
The members of the firm have established a “volunteer Day”, consisting of dedicating their day to social work.
Currently, members of the firm volunteer at an animal rescue center, with the aim of being able to allocate the resources of those tasks to other more relevant activities:
· We bet on the simplicity of the procedures with our clients.
· We invest in digitization to be connected daily with our clients.
· We achieve greater efficiency in our work thanks to technology.
· We support the reconciliation of work and family life.

Corporate Social


At Cifras Legal we are aware of the great responsibility that we have as lawyers and, above all, as a part of our society.

It is for this reason that the firm’s mission does not end with the firm’s own activities, but rather encourages, and transmits to each of the members that make it up the social work that we are morally obliged to carry out with all those les fortunate groups.
Thanks to the digital transformation of the office we reduce the environmental impact from several prisms:
· We carry out part of our meetings by video conference, significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.
· We digitize most of the procedures, avoid excessive consumption and censer of paper..
· We help our clients looking for alternatives to their production processes that help reduce the environmental impact.

Safety and Quiet,
with Cifras Legal